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About Chris + Jenn

Hi! We are a husband + wife wedding and lifestyle photography team and would love to tell your story!

We are admittedly complete opposites! And had it not been for us both holding cameras and bumping into each other, we might not have ever met! We are nostalgic about photos and love the opportunity to share that passion with others by capturing meaningful moments to keep and share for generations to come!

Our differences are truly our strength since Chris photographs from a man’s perspective and Jenn from a woman’s point of view. Working as individual artists, you get dual coverage of your entire event from two artists who see the world through different lenses (literally!). Our teamwork and experience keeps us calm, happy, and comfortable no matter what the day brings!

The way we work…our passion is to show every person in the best light possible. This means finding the best light at a location while pressing *click* when you are most natural and presented in the best light of who you are! We create our portraits with artistic direction to be beautiful and revealing true character, while the documentary (*candid*) part of our work is hands off, allowing the situations to shape the images, creating captured images full of real moments!

We want our clients to be at ease because the best pictures happen when people feel free to be themselves! Every single person is uniquely different from the next so we spend time getting to know each client personally so when we create photos together, they reveal who they truly are.

Click the *contact us* link at the top of the page and send us a note, or give us a call! We can’t wait to meet you!